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Welcome to Edmon Pest and Animal Control Services in Edmonton, Alberta.

When it comes to your home, there is nothing as disturbing as having to share it with an unwelcomed guest. More so, an unwelcome guest who makes living in your own house unbearable and is in no hurry to leave. That is how most of our clients feel about dealing with pests and unwanted animals in their homes. And that is where Edmon Pest Control come in to save the day with our pest control and pest extermination services.

Located in Edmonton, our primary goal as Pest and animal control service company is to always come to the rescue of our region’s home and business owners. Whether you are being terrorized by bedbugs, rodents, carpenter ants, cockroaches, crawling insects, wildlife or any other unwanted pests, we are the people you need to call to get the situation handled immediately.

Why Professional Pest and Animal Control Services?

If you have never had a pest infestation that literally made you want to move out of your own house, then you are probably wondering, are professional services really necessary for pest control and pest extermination? Why not just purchase a drug from the store and get the situation handled yourself? It’s not that easy, really. Here’s why you’ll need to hire professional pest and animal control services:

  • Most pests today have become adaptable to store-bought solutions.
  • Most pests carry diseases with them and you may not be able to properly diagnose the threat posed.
  • You may not have the expertise and equipment to prevent future infestation.
    So, instead of going through the hustle only for you to end up having to involve the professionals, how about you give us a call on  778-767-2171 from the get-go and let us save you the trouble. It will be our pleasure to ensure your property is pests and unwanted animal free.


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What Services Do We Offer?

What exactly is entailed in Pest and animal control services? Obviously, contacting us will give you the opportunity to obtain more detailed information on this subject. But before you do that, here is a look at some of our services:

• Removal of unwanted animals
• Extermination of all insects
• Removal of all rodents
• Pest proofing
• Repairs on property damaged by pests

At Edmon Pest Control in Edmonton, we continually strive to offer services that go beyond the basic pest control and pest extermination services. Our experts pride themselves in tailor-making solutions to suit the client’s problem.

We ensure that all the methodologies we apply are both environmental and human-friendly. Therefore, it is our guarantee that all our solutions to pests and animals’ infestation will not pose any negative side effects to your property and the occupants.

Why Choose Edmon Pest Control?

Being a locally owned and locally operated company, we treat all our clients like family. That is why we handle every inquiry with great attention, ensure all our services are of high quality and carry all our interactions with clients politely and professionally. Our years in the business have given us extensive experience and combined with the knowledge of our specialists, the solutions we offer are tested and proven permanent solutions to the pest and animal menace on your property. Below is our process for saving the day:


Once you give us a call on 778-767-2171, the consultation process begins. Our customer service agents will ask you a number of open-ended questions to fully understand your problem. At this stage, if you request for a pricing estimate what you will receive is a rough variation of the expected total cost.


The next step of the process includes us sending over our specialists to do a thorough inspection of your property. This inspection will give us a full spectrum of the problem to be dealt with and provide important information needed to formulate a comprehensive solution. During this inspection, we will have a personal consultation with you to address any concerns you may have such as the methods and products to be employed. Should you not be comfortable with a specific product or method we will find an alternative acceptable to you.


Once the inspection is carried out, a comprehensive solution designed and the personal consultation is done, we can then provide you with a clear quotation for the cost of the pest control and pest extermination services to be provided.

Plan of Action.

This is the final stage in getting your property pest and animal free. We tell you exactly how we plan to eliminate the problematic pests and animals and come up with a suitable work plan. Next, we get down and dirty. Should you wish to inquire about the progress made at any point of us doing our job our staff will efficiently relay the requested feedback.

Call Us Today for Professional Pest Control and Pest Extermination Services.

At Edmon Pest Control, we are an open book. All our processes are credible and transparent, with no hidden charge and no shady businesses. Get that pest and animal problem at your property in Edmonton handled by us, the unrivaled professionals, once and for all. Call 778-767-2171 today for professional pest control and pest extermination services.

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