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Ant Control Services in Edmonton, Alberta.

Ants can sometimes be a nuisance particularly if you reside in Edmonton Alberta. The commonly found ants here are the pavement ants, pharaoh ants and carpenter ants, but the most common infestation type is caused by the carpenter ants. We have a team of very well trained, experienced, insured and fully licensed exterminators to deliver effective and high-quality ant control services. Ants exterminators of Edmon Pest Control services are always there to serve you. Infestations differ but our exterminators always adhere to the integrated pest management process for the best results.

What We Do

Ants being the most common pests found around and in our homes have a wide-variety of nesting-habits and food-preferences. Some nest in decaying or moisture damaged wood and others behind countertops, mouldings, baseboards and other similar places. Some like nesting in the soil. These ants feed on different food types including sweets, meats, fats, honeydew and starches.

The knowledge of their- food and nesting-preferences is very crucial for you to control their colonies. In order to prevent destruction caused to your home structures and food, eradicating these pest ants is necessary. Luckily we are here to do this for you through the following stages:

Ant Inspection

This is the initial step carried out by our technicians in order to acquire more  information regarding the infestation. This is quite vital in order to establish the satellite colony and the location of the nest. Our technicians after this initial inspection will determine the causes of the infestation then recommend ways to prevent the problem from expanding. These recommendations include providing treatment, sealing entry points and doing repairs.


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Ant Extermination

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This is done after our technicians are done with the initial inspection and the formulation of the action plan. There exist unique characteristics for every infestation but we generally carry out this extermination process through spraying the areas affected such as window frames, doors and baseboards. 

Based on the level of treatment and infestation, our technicians may advise you to vacate the premises and wait for the pesticide to dry. This normally takes up to 4 hours. It is of importance to note here that the indoors ant pest control methods vary from the outdoor ones. 

The methods we use in the exteriors and exteriors are different. Our products are meant for specific areas and we take this very seriously in our operations. In some cases, we may apply the non-chemical methods to deal with the infestation. It is not all the time that we have to use these harsh chemicals to deal with this problem.

Treating The Ant Colony

After detecting the ant colony, we get the pesticide injected within the wooden-surface. Our professionals will fix secure bait traps strategically in and around the affected area. What we intend here is to have the ants carry with them the bait to the satellite or parent colony and poison it. Sometimes in the dry seasons, we spray the exterior structure in order to prevent expansion of the ant infestation.

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