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Bees Control Services in Edmonton, Alberta.

Bees, although produces honey that people love, can be severely destructing once they infest your property.

Damage caused by Bees Infestation

Aside from the annoyance of having these buzzing insects roaming around your home, the occasional sting, and the threat of allergic reactions, bees can cause even more hazards and damages that are often not seen on the surface.

Bees do the most destruction by forming beehives within your walls. When bees die, it causes moulds to spread in their remains which results to dry moulds that weakens the structure of your building. Melted honey coming from the hives will also cause the same moulding and dry rotting. Another way bees damage your home is by removing the moisture barrier of your walls. 

When they start forming hives on the inside of the walls, the hive continually expands. Bees remove the moisture barrier of the wall as they chew through the layers and eventually get to the actual surface. This also weakens the structure of any building which can require thousands of dollars in repair and worse, can even cause accidents that may harm you and your family members.


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Global warming contributes to the general increase in the population of insects like bees, as it causes temperature all over the world, including in Edmonton, to rise. Thus, everyone should be prepared to deal with insect infestations.

The most effective way to deal with this problem is to hire a team of experienced beehive exterminator. This way, you can save a lot of time and resources from trying to get rid of it yourself in failed attempts. The truth is, bees control is more complicated than it appears to be as bees do not only infest your backyard but also the inside of your walls, as previously discussed. That’s why it is a smart decision to let the experts handle the situation while you sit back and relax.

Why choose us?

1. Our experienced exterminators have handled numerous pest control operations in and outside of Edmonton and they can be well-trusted to complete the job satisfactorily.
2. We do a full assessment of your property and we make sure to examine every infested corner to treat properly and avoid recurrence.
3. We guarantee strict professionalism among our team of exterminators and we ensure that you can trust us to work inside your property in an ethical manner.
4. We use high-quality chemicals, tools and equipment that gets the job done completely and efficiently!

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