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Centipedes Exterminator in Edmonton, Alberta.

Most centipedes prefer to live outdoors in damp areas such as under stones, leaves, tree bark as well as in mulch around outdoor planting. However, there is one rare type of centipede known as house centipede that likes living in the house. 

Centipede bites are extremely rare and their venom is not life-threatening. As a result, most people usually ignore them because they are harmless. However, if centipedes are not contained, they quickly spread and within a short period of time they will take over your home. 

Centipedes have the longest lifespan among arthropods and can live for up to six years if they live in a conducive environment. This means that if they are not contained, then they can cause a lot of damage and discomfort to your family members.

What do centipedes eat?
Centipedes are carnivores. They mostly prey on worms, spiders, soft body insects and other arthropods including smaller centipedes.

Why remove centipede if they are not harmful?
This is a question that you are probably asking yourself. The fact the centipedes are not harmful and prey on things such as insects, spiders, and worms which are considered nuisance by many make many people wonder they should eliminate them. Although centipedes are not harmful, they have their own dark side.

First, house centipedes usually dart across the floor at high speeds, stop suddenly and remain motionless for a while before racing off again. This tactic alone can scare your family members. In addition to that, when someone comes into contact with centipedes, they might experience pain, swelling, and redness. Their bite usually causes itching and burning sensation to the affected and if the venom spreads to the nerve ending then it can cause more pain. Centipedes also affect pets.

If you have noticed that centipedes are roaming in your house freely, then you need to take immediate action. The more you delay, the more expensive it will become to exterminate them because they spread fast. If you are looking for a reputable and experienced centipedes exterminator Edmonton, then look no further than us. 

We have the experience, skill, and resources needed to exterminate centipedes that are wreaking havoc in your house. We usually use very effective but eco-friendly methods to eliminate centipedes. This means that you don’t have to worry that our extermination technique will not harm children or pets. We will destroy their hiding place, their food as well as route that they use to enter your house. 

The moment we are done with your home, you will never again worry about centipede infestation because will make the environment very unconductive for them. Don’t wait, call us today. Our team is on standby ready to help.


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