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Welcome to Edmon Pest Control Services in Edmonton, Alberta.

Are birds and bird nests clogging your vents? Or maybe moles are wreaking havoc to your articulate landscape with their numerous holes and tunnels. Although they are just trying to survive in the wake of urbanization and human encroachment, wildlife can be a nuisance and a source of frustration. Invasive animals can damage your property, attack your kids and pets can even transmit diseases.

If you live in Edmonton and animals are invading your property, you don’t need to panic. We are professional pest and wildlife control Edmonton with a vast knowledge in the best industry standards.

As a licensed company that specializes in pest control Edmonton and wildlife control Edmonton, we are here to give you lasting solutions to your wildlife problems. We provide animal removal services in an ecologically friendly manner to ensure that neither you nor the animal is harmed. We also help you keep them away from coming back into your property in the future. If you are looking for reliable wildlife control Edmonton, you will never go wrong with us.

Located in Edmonton, our primary goal as Pest and animal control service company is to always come to the rescue of our region’s home and business owners. Whether you are being terrorized by bedbugs, rodents, carpenter ants, cockroaches, crawling insects, wildlife or any other unwanted pests, we are the people you need to call to get the situation handled immediately.

Why Professional Pest and Animal Control Services?

If you have never had a pest infestation that literally made you want to move out of your own house, then you are probably wondering, are professional services really necessary for pest control and pest extermination? Why not just purchase a drug from the store and get the situation handled yourself? It’s not that easy, really. Here’s why you’ll need to hire professional pest and animal control services:

  • Most pests today have become adaptable to store-bought solutions.
  • Most pests carry diseases with them and you may not be able to properly diagnose the threat posed.
  • You may not have the expertise and equipment to prevent future infestation

So, instead of going through the hustle only for you to end up having to involve the professionals, how about you give us a call on 778-767-2171 from the get-go and let us save you the trouble. It will be our pleasure to ensure your property is pests and unwanted animal free.


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What Services Do We Offer?

A sure way of knowing you have an intruder from the wild is when you find it in your property. Other signs of animal invasion include overturned cans, damaged plants and property, holes and tunnels on your outdoor spaces as well as evidence of their habitats like nests in the chimney. Some of the most common culprits include:
• Moles
• Squirrels
• Birds and Bats
• Raccoons
• Skunks
Trying to get rid of them on your own is a risky and time-consuming affair. Our team of experts are readily available and well equipped to handle any type of animal. When you call us for animal removal services, below is what you can expect.

Thorough Inspection

We will first conduct thorough inspection to ascertain entry points for the animal as well as the damage caused. We also find out the type of animal and the nature of infestation. For example, it may be a one-day affair, or you could already be having a family of raccoons camping in your attic. Prior inspection enables us to assess the gravity of the situation and give you personalized and long-lasting solutions.

Animal Removal

We employ humane methods to trap and safely remove the animal from your property. We understand that animals are an essential part of nature and we take care not to cause any harm or injury during the eviction process.

Preventive Measures

Removing the animal from your premises is not enough as it can always come back. We, therefore, proceed to put measures in place to prevent future intrusions. We do this by sealing entry points and reinforcing structures to make them more secure and keep wildlife away.


When wildlife gets into your property, there may cause damages that might sometimes cost you a lot for repairs. We offer repair services for damages caused by these invasive animals.

Why Work with Us

There are a lot of health and safety concerns associated with harbouring pests and animals in your property. They also cause damage to property which results in loss of money in repairing the same. Whether rodents are roaming free in your premises or termites are slowly ruining the quality of your home, you need to rely on a competent team that will do a great job effectively.

• We are a team of qualified and licensed specialists. We use our vast knowledge in the various facets of education to give solutions to problems people face with regards to pest and wildlife control Edmonton.

• We offer reliable pest control Edmonton and wildlife control Edmonton services to ensure that your health and safety and that of your loved ones are not compromised. We are tireless and swift in our approach to eradicating wildlife from your property.

• Upon request, we can carry out an inspection on your property to get a full scope of the situation at hand. Also, we offer consultancy services to make sure that we adequately address any concerns you might have. 

• We maintain high standards of professionalism while paying this job the amount of respect it deserves. You will find that our rates are affordable and convenient for you.

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Our services are available to residents of Edmonton and its environs. Pick up the phone today and get in touch with us for a permanent solution to your pest and wildlife problem.









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