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Wasp Exterminator Services in Edmonton, Alberta.

Being stung by wasps is a very painful experience. To those people who may be allergic to it, this can even be life-threatening. It is, however, possible to minimize these risks through the establishment of sensible precautions and making sure that wasp nets are managed properly. One can easily confuse wasps with Honey Bees however they differ in colour. Female wasps are the only ones with a sting and can repeatedly
use it whenever they feel threatened.

The most efficient method to manage a wasp problem is to deal with the wasp nest. This is where they home. Wasps may build their nests under eaves outdoor. When they gain access to your house, they find shelter in areas including attics, roof spaces and wall cavities. If you discover their nest either at the interior or exterior of your house don’t try to eliminate it yourself. Instead, contact us and we will immediately send you our wasp control specialists to do a clean job for you. We are the pest and animal control services company in Edmonton and our services include wasp nest removal.


We deal with all types of wasps including the Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Paper Wasps and the Mud Daubers. Treating them needs to be carried out at night or in the evening when they are less active. The procedures we follow here are two:

Killing The Wasps.

They are several products that we use to eliminate wasp. All these chemicals are very effective and produce impressive results. These are:

Aerosols: They are perfect for a quick knockdown and have oily bases in them. Examples are the Bonide Wasp and Hornet, PT Wasp and Hornet Freeze, EcoPco and Wasp-X.

Insecticide Dusts: It kills and deters wasp from returning in future. This, therefore, will greatly help you live in a wasp free environment for long. Tempo Dust and Dusters are some of the powerful products our technicians use.

Residual Liquid Insecticides: These are highly concentrated insecticides. We mix it with water in appropriate proportions and spay the affected area with it. This chemical has the ability to prevent future nesting. Some of these products are the Cyper WSP and LambdaStar-UltraCap 9.7.

Removing The Nest.
Wasp nest removal can be quite dangerous and it is for this reason that you are highly advised to seek services of a professional. This is because wasps normally become aggressive when they feel disturbed or threatened. In defence of their young ones and nest, they can sting you and those around.

As a professional company, we do this very safely and effectively. Our services will for sure amaze you. We do hornets nest removal and also those of other wasp types.


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